Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, hello there. Thanks for coming to my opening for my first blog post on Mind Giggles. Let me just start to express my struggles with my computer. Yes, it is a MAC and we have a up and down relationship. When things run smoothly, I love my Mac. But when things are a not going well, well let's just say we are not very good friends! You see, I've started this new blog and let me tell ya, it is such a challenge to get it up and working okay? ARGHH!!! I am a somewhat confused as to figuring out some of the details and these things called "gadgets". Blogs have these things called "gadgets" and they say to "put a gadget here and put a gadget there". UGGHHH!!! It all seems so sketchy to me at this point. I'm trying to figure out all the options that this blog host offers, and I'm having quite a mental workout! I tried to start a blog on another web host, and oh, my God was it a nightmare and a total loosing battle. I was swimming up stream the entire time trying to learn the program. so I decided to try and give BLOGGER a go and I am having a little more progress with it. Please hang in there with me, as l figure out how to navigate around my new venture, Mind Giggles. I will begin to post things on Mind Giggles as I learn them, so you will see how I make baby steps toward learning this darn and never ending scary and I mean frightening thing I reluctantly call my computer. If you have had a struggle getting your blog going, I would like to hear from you with the scoop on how you have gotten past it.