Sunday, September 16, 2012


Today is a sad day for me and my family because it is my Gram's birthday. Today she would have been 99 years old.  Sadly, she passed three weeks shy of 99.  Gram so wanted to make it to 100 years old and we wanted her to go on TV to bake her awesome cheesecake.  Generally, she would get together with my cousin, my anut and my anut's mother Rosemary to celebrate all their birthday's since they all fall in September.  Unfortunately, they will be missing Gram this birthday and so will I.

It is selfish to say that I wish she was still here on earth even though she was so ready to move on to heaven to be with her husband and her sons, brothers and sisters.  I wish she was here to talk to on the phone about random things such as cooking and TV.  I wish she was here to share a bowl of Cheerios.  Even though my Gram was so old and ready for what comes after death, I still miss her and miss sharing our passion to make things and look at pretty things.  I hear all my Gram's sayings in my head since they were so memorable.  Here I want to share some of the classics 

When I would tell Gram I was coming to visit her, she would say in somewhat of a musical way, "I'm here.  I'm not going anywhere".  When Gram was confused or frustrated she would say, "I'm all balled up!"  Never sure where that came from.  One of my favorites was when I told her I loved her, she would respond, I love you, too"  and always with the "too" on the end.  When she would speak about going to heaven, she would say in Italian, "When Jesu Grist, begom...I'm going."  She meant, "when Jesus calls...I'm going".  Another of my favorites was when Gram would say, "I'm a saver, not a spender'.  Love that one! I also loved when she would remark, "I always paid cash". I will ever forget these Gramisms and expressions that she said time after time.  They are so uniquely hers.

Well, Gram , I miss you so much. I hope you are enjoying all the things that you longed for and waited for?  I know you will be with me always to guide me towards becoming my best self.  I miss you so.  Send me a sign to let me know you are okay and happy.  Say "hello" to my Mom and Dad and tell them I will see them when my time comes.  When I get my oven fixed, I am going to try to make your cheesecake.  Brace yourself,  Gram, I am going to try baking because of you!  And I will be a 'rebel' like you were and put in 'four' cream cheeses even though the recipe calls for two.  Hold on to your to your seat, Loren's gona cook!!. 

Gram you are loved.
and I love you, too!

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