Saturday, June 29, 2013


The first assignment is almost here for the Global Talent Search sponsored by Lilla Rogers Studio and I am so excited I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.  The anticipation is killing me!  I have been thinking over and over what the assignment could be and the answer eludes me.  I was thinking that it might be designing a party ensemble such as plate, napkin, cup, centerpiece, invites and gift bags. Oh, how cool would that be? But how do I know what will be the assignment for the contest?  I think trying to solve the question quells my anticipation.  I love to bounce ideas around and while I am painting, it's like a game to ponder the possibilities.
I think about all the talented artists that have signed up for this contest. and I wonder where I fall amongst them?  There is no way to know what plan they are hatching in the Lilla Rogers Studio, so I realize that it is endless trying to figure out what that will be.  But for me, for some reason, it's fun!  It's fun to contemplate all the different scenarios and wonder what the assignment will be.
For now, I will be shuffling around all the ideas in my mind and hope that one of the ideas I think of is the chosen assignment. That would be really cool?
Stay tuned...

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