Monday, December 17, 2012


This years Christmas card design is finished and on it's way to family and friends.  I want so bad to give you a sneak peek however, I don't want to reveal the design until they are snatched out of the mail box and opened up.

This years design was a hard one to come up with.  I have to say that I went to my archives to play with some vintage Loren drawings and designs.  There has been one drawing that I have been eyeing for years and I knew it would make the cut one year in the near future.

I have been having a hard time lately, with loosing my Gram this past August as well as, struggling with a bad knee, feet and back.  This past Friday evening, I was ER bound with a swollen leg and knee. The paramedics swooped in to rush me to the hospital. The thinking was that I may have had a blood clot, and tests were run.  Thank goodness no clots in my leg!  I do, however have some serious issues with my swollen knee and foot, possibly from standing 10 1/2 hours waiting for and seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert here in Philly.  UGGHH!!! I' have been having to rest my leg and put ice on it.  This is a hard one for me because I like to keep moving.

Well, anyway...I was again as I do every year, uncertain whether I would make the Christmas card happen and more than that, would it be better than last year's card.  Well, I don't know if it's better this year, but it is definitely different, especially for me.  The design is pretty, elegant and in some ways minimal.  Oh, I wish I could show it now!  But you have to wait until they are in the Loren's MIND GIGGLES blog mail, too.  I will, however, tell you that it's design is an ivory and a wine color palette.  When I reveal this year's design, I will tell the tale of how it was created and how the design was finally chosen.  I will try to talk about the thought process that I go through to create my design each year.  So, for now, please hang on for 2 days until I can reveal the 2012 Annual Family and Friends Christmas Card Design.


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