Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello there...
Recently,  I have been posting on this blog about the loss of my precious Mom, Marilyn and how I am trying to emotionally cope with her passing. For some reason, the intense emotion I have from her passing has been getting in the way of me being able to write. I was so stuck in one place that I couldn't express anything else that was on my mind.  Although I have been consistently creating and making art, I have been bogged down whenever I was trying to write.  The sadness about my Mom kept me locked in one place and I have been learning that the written word is much more powerful than I ever imagined.  Thoughts and ideas can come out like a flood or they can become stifled and stuck on a thought or emotion. I have never thought of myself as a writer, although my husband Paul believes I am (but he doesn't count). Blogging has been pulling out feelings and emotions deep inside my heart and forcing me to confront a form of communication that is still new to me.   I have so much to say and then I have nothing to say... so,  I will try to carry on and try to embrace the written word.  I will embrace my sadness and feelings and realize that I can do all three.  I can feel, I can write and I can create.  Go figure!!

For now, I wanted to let you know that my Mom's blog My Mom Matters, is up on the web and I have published the first post. Yeah!!! her story has a home now.  Any other information about my Mom and our extraordinary relationship can be found at here.  Thank you to everyone who has been following my posts about my Mom and for having an interest in her story because My Mom Matters.   If you have any experiences or insights through the loss of a loved one or has a mental or neurological illness touched your life, please fly on over to my Mom's blog and share with the readers, your unique story, because your loved one matters, too.  My Mom Matters will feature stories, memories and my lessons about how my Mom and I developed our strong and unique bond of love.   It had withstood the test of separation during my entire childhood and my Mom's long illness and hospitalization.  Sometimes our stories are sad, sometimes they are funny but always, they are thought provoking and meaningful.   I hope to see you there.

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