Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I just have to share these photos of some decoupage collage Christmas ornaments that I made for my friend Donna.  They are such little gems and they look so sweet together.  Donna loves pink so I really took it up a notch and used mostly pink with a little bit of green.  They look so cute hanging on her tree.  I just love the colors and I think these are my favorites of all the designs I made this season and listed in my shop Dabbling Delights.

These ornaments hang so nicely from a ribbon and they have a pretty ribbon tied in a bow.  so, so cute...

I really enjoyed making these for my friend.  It's such a joy to give something I made to my friends and family.  Nothing beats giving!  I just love to see the excitement on my getters face that just lights up when they see their gift.  Donna loved her Christmas ornaments and I know she really appreciated the time and effort I put into these little gems...  That makes it all worthwhile...

If you have a moment click on over to my shop Dabbling Delights and take a look at the other designs that I have created.  It's worth the time to have a peek at them!

Cheers and sweetness,

P.S.  My Annual Christmas Card Design will be featured soon.  Every year for the last say 15 years I have been making a one of a kind Christmas card for my friends and family.  Each year they wait anxiously to see what I have been frantically working on.   I will be posting this year's design on this blog when I have completed the 30, yes 30 handmade cards.   Once they are in the mail to my family and friends, I will post the design.

Keep a look out for the awesome 2011 Annual Christmas Card!!!


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